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My name is Heather Robertson and I am the owner and facilitator of Play Laugh n' Learn. I have over 25 years experience in the daycare/education field, have 4 children of my own, have as associates in science degree in Early Childhood Education, including 32 ECE units and am currently studying towards my bachelors in Psychology at Sacramento State University with a focus on children and adolescence. I understand the importance of early connections and relationships, and how vital our roles are as caregivers, educators and mentors in children's lives'. I take great pride in surrounding the children with the most rewarding environment I can.

We offer a play based learning system enriched with developmentally appropriate activities for all ages. Play is a child's first language, so we use play to teach them and build their skills naturally, in a language they best respond to. We engage the children in learning through daily crafts, games, activities, fun lessons, music time and make sure they're having fun while they learn.

We view parent involvement as a major benefit to children's growth and learning as well and keep open and transparent communication with parents on a daily basis. How do we do this? We send home a monthly newsletter spelling out our theme for the month and the lessons we plan to learn, every day your children will go home with a craft or activity to show parents what they're learning and doing at school, and parents will also be able to read about their day's lessons and activities on our communications board at pick up.

    Due to Covid we currently try to keep our group to a stable group size of 10 children ages 2 to 5. We take all the safety, social distancing and sanitizing precautions very seriously and work hard to prevent the possibility of spread or infection. Some ways we do this are; we wear masks when indoors or closely interacting with the children, the children wear masks when indoors, we do frequent symptom and temp checks, have a 0 tolerance sickness/symptom policy, we keep the house well ventilated throughout the entire day with windows open, have air filters and purifiers throughout, we minimize inside time and spend as much time outdoors as possible, have designated eating, activity, crafting and sleeping arrangements where social distancing is practiced, frequent hand washing and frequent sanitizing and cleaning. We also practice great care and caution in our daily lives as well and follow all current public health guidelines and recommendations and we encourage families to do so also to keep our little bubble here at Play Laugh n Learn safe and healthy.

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